Alongside teaching and research, the extension represents one of the three inseparable axes of the public university. Its goal is to promote its integration with society through the exchange of experiences, techniques and methodologies. The university extension makes it possible, among other things, to reaffirm the social commitment of the academic production of UFBA as a civic university.

The Free Courses offered by the School of Dance are part of this effort of interaction between the University and the society, in an exchange of experiences that, on the one hand, allows the access and exchange between the population and the academic practices in the world of dance and, on the other hand, allows the improvement of the professional formation of the students, giving them the opportunity to have an experience as teachers.

From classical dance to popular and afro-diaspora dances, passing through contemporary and tribal practices, the UFBA School of Dance offers a wide range of courses, aimed at all ages and audiences. Counting on trained teachers and instructors, the Free Courses also function as a gateway for those who want to get to know the School and have an experience with the world of dance.