The Coordination of Artistic-Academic Actions is an executive body of the Dance School of UFBA and aims to support and monitor the artistic-academic activities, the extension and special projects of the institution. It is a Coordination that collaborates with the entire Management Team of the UFBA Dance School. The current management of the Artistic-Academic Actions Coordination is formed by 1 (one) Coordinator, 02 (two) technical-administrative staff as Producer and Stage Technician and 01 (one) undergraduate student as Intern.

This Coordination with its team is responsible for supervising, facilitating and aligning the permanent and eventual artistic activities of the Dance School; coordinating and following up on the activities and extension actions carried out by the Technical Extension Support Nucleus (NATEX); developing the School's special projects; supporting the artistic production of the permanent group GDC - Contemporary Dance Group of UFBA; disseminating and registering the Dance School's artistic and extension activities both to the internal and external audiences, through social networks, institutional mailing and partnership with communication vehicles in the city.

These are projects developed by the Coordination of Artistic-Academic Actions: Performative Panel, Open Show, Inaugural Week, production partnerships with the Dance Memorial of UFBA, etc. Besides these, the Coordination supports several regional and national events, such as festivals, exhibitions, congresses, seminars, workshops, residencies, among others. In addition, it dedicates itself to making visible, not only the projects developed by the Coordination, but also those external projects supported by our School, as well as those carried out by our teachers, students and administrative technicians, which are presented in other spaces that are fruit of their researches and activities developed in the School.


Coordinator: Dra. Ana Paula Zanandrea
Cultural Producer: Cristiano Portela
Stage Technician: Paulo Barbosa
PROEXT Intern: Tiê Francisco Maria
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