The BAA Dance Graduation (Basic Admission Area), offers the qualifications of Bachelor in Dance and a Dance Licensing Degree. The courses enable the student, after completing a basic set of subjects, to choose between one or the other type of training.

The courses aim to provide its students to experience in practice a proposal for education in line with contemporary times, reflecting on its contents and methodologies, and an understanding of the need for new behaviors and attitudes in human, artistic, pedagogical and epistemological relationships.

The curricular designs of the Bachelor and Licensing Degree in Dance are flexible, with an updated bibliography, allowing the autonomy of the student. Specific and diversified knowledge is organized in the form of modules and laboratories. Its environment allows trans and interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge, always being methodological, dialogical and inclusive.

The course enhances the formation of the artist and / or educator in dance who seeks and recognizes its potential: artistic identity; critical thinking in the face of current challenges related to artistic production and dance education; the promotion and dynamics of creative and training processes; understanding the fundamentals and principles of human movement, aesthetics and training; its performance in the professional markets where it operates, as well as its possible performance in the fields of management and research related to artistic and / or educational processes in dance, in basic education and in free courses and / or other artistic-educational environments.

The course also has an integrated student service network at UFBA, through programs aimed at the inclusion and permanence of students within the University, providing assistance in healthcare and social areas, in addition to encouraging participation in Extra Curricular Programs and / or Extension activities and Research Labs.

The Bachelor's Degree in Dance achieved maximum concept grade 05 (five) in a recent INEP / MEC assessment process for Course Renewal and Recognition. (information accessible at


Bachelor Degree
Period: 06 semesters
Workload: 2.529 h
With License for Teaching
Period: 7 semesters
Workload: 3.107 h


The admission to the BAA Dance course is through Brasilian evaluation exams SISU / ENEM or through the University´s residual vacancies. You can request continuity of course and complete the second qualification if wanted. There are 45 vacancies being 25 for undergraduate and 20 for the university´s Bachelor's degrees. The course also attends the students coming from the Interdisciplinary Bachelor in Arts which have studied the Area of Concentration in Choreographic Studies (§1º, art. 6º of Res. 02/2008 of CONSEPE).


The faculty members work both in undergraduate and graduate courses with expressive and diversified production in the areas of Teaching, Research and Extension presenting, in its great majority: Master, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate degrees.


Nova Matriz Curricular Bacharel em Dança - 2023.1
Nova Matriz Curricular Licenciatura em Dança - 2023.1