The Dance Postgraduate Programme (PPGDança - UFBA) is a pioneer in Brazil: in 2006 it implemented the first Academic Master's Degree and, in 2019, the first and still sole Academic PhD in Dance in a public and free university. Both courses have the singularity of postgraduate qualification stricto sensu with specificity in the field of dance.

PPGDança is respected and recognised for its impact on society in general and on the dance community through its intellectual, artistic, technical and bibliographical education. The graduates from PPGDança are inserted in Universities, Institutes, Colleges, Elementary Schools, High Schools, Dance Companies, Groups and in independent performances.

We understand dance as a privileged field of research, study and experimentation, together with areas of knowledge directly and indirectly related to such issues. Thus, PPGDança has three lines of research:
Line 1: Dance, body and cognition - proposes to understand dance as a cognitive action of the body in its relational, communicational and systemic flows as well as in political and biopolitical interpretations. It hosts researches interested in investigating memories, gestures, images, different ways of organizing movement, composition strategies, improvisation and performance, artistic and pedagogical procedures.
Line 2: Dance Processes and Artistic Configurations - aimed at the characterization and critical analysis of both the processes involved in the practice of dance composition and the resulting artistic configurations considered in their contextual articulations, technological interfaces, political and aesthetic implications.
Line 3: Dance Cultural and Educational Mediations - articulates Dance with other areas of knowledge in an inter and transdisciplinary perspective. It is dedicated to the investigation of conceptions, compositions and political, cultural and educational implications, in different contexts which develop and mediate processes and organizational forms in the field of dance.

Given the multi, trans and interdisciplinary nature of the field of Arts, the propositions of the Master's and Doctorate Courses have an inter-theoretical character, which articulate conceptual and epistemological approaches of other areas of knowledge with the field of dance. These aspects enhance and aggregate the complexities of the subjects in theoretical and practical research processes, which define the profile of the programme.

PPGDança has annual entries at the beginning of the school year for both courses, with the selection processes taking place the previous year.

In sixteen years, the Programme has had 178 master's degrees and 19 doctoral students.

For more information, visit the PPGDança website.