The Professional Post-Graduate Programme in Dance - PRODAN of the Federal University of Bahia is a pioneer in the field of Dance. Authorized by CAPES in 2018, it adds to the six professional master's degrees in the area of the Arts offered in Brazil.

In agreement with the CAPES Document of the Area of Arts, Statute and Institutional Development Plan of UFBA 2018- 2022, the Professional Master Degree in Dance proposes the production and dissemination of knowledge, know-how and practices in the field of dance, providing professional qualification within the stricto sensu Post-Graduation with a view to civic participation and contribution to various contexts of the world, work and society.

The academic excellence within the field of Artistic and Pedagogical Innovations in Dance is developed through two lines of research:
Line 1: Artistic Experiences, Production and Management in Dance - Aimed at professional dance artists working in the areas of creation and execution, executive production, public and private management, curatorship and scene elements.
Line 2: Pedagogical Processes, Mediation and Educational Management in Dance - Aimed at professionals working from the formative spheres with public policy interfaces, as well as educators from different contexts, working in the fields of dance and dance management, linked to transformative artistic-educational thoughts in contemporary times.

PRODAN stimulates the investigation of structural issues and professional demands, individually with social relevance, contributing to the process of personal, local, regional, national and global development. From this perspective, PRODAN is committed to scientific and social theories of an emancipatory nature, having as its structural axes social subjects, the social contexts in which they are inserted, as well as the production of knowledge that generates social and cultural impacts on society. The didactic-pedagogical approach of PRODAN is based on assumptions such as complexity, unfinishedness and complementarity, having the multi and interdisciplinarity as vectors which call for collaboration, dialogue and the creation of learning networks.

The curricular structure of the Professional Master's Degree in Dance brings together mandatory subjects, electives, oriented professional practices, qualification exams and final course work assignments: Academic Article, Analytical Memorial and Artistic Portfolio with products generated throughout the course - written works, reports, products resulting from the practices (such as dance shows; audiovisual creations such as films, documentaries, videodances, video-installation, among others; didactic material; systematization of artistic process; software; prototypes; translations; workshops; events; management manual; creation and maintenance of websites; etc.) with systematic description and record of the presentations made. The course can be completed in a minimum of 18 months and a maximum of 24 months.

With an annual offer of twenty vacancies, the PRODAN selection process has annual entries at the beginning of the school year, with a selection process in the previous year. For more information, visit the PRODAN website .